Business Email

Essential for Every Company

Unlike personal email accounts, which we all have with various providers like Gmail or Yahoo, business email is associated with your domain name. For example: ""

By sending emails through a business email address, you not only ensure the legitimacy of your company's correspondence but also build a reputation and trust among your clients.

While personal email requires minimal attention, creating a corporate email system demands specific skills and ongoing maintenance.

Price: customized to your needs

Business Email

The Role of an Email Specialist

Creating a business email address is not difficult, but the process doesn't end there, especially for medium and large companies with multiple employees.

Often, there's a need to integrate specific in-house communication requirements and rules, make special settings and redirects, such as double or split delivery, and connect network printers and mobile devices.

Additionally, emails must have a high reputation to avoid ending up in your clients' spam folders or, in the worst case, not reaching them at all. Simultaneously, your organization needs protection against spam and phishing attacks.

The discussion extends beyond what was mentioned earlier; it's essential to highlight that an email specialist manages these processes. Their proficiency is honed through training and preparation for these specific tasks.

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Why Choose Us?

Web Assistant Studio boasts extensive and proven long-term experience in administering cloud email services. Our team has collaborated with a leading global corporation in the field and currently serves as their partner. Engaging in the establishment and upkeep of email services for organizations with high demands and thousands of employees, we have successfully addressed intricate cases involving undelivered emails, spam classification, phishing attacks, financial fraud, identity theft, and various other challenges.

Your corporate correspondence will be protected, encrypted, and backed up. You will have the opportunity to receive detailed information and statistics on successful and unsuccessful deliveries, read and unread emails.

We provide protection against unauthorized data deletion and malicious actions by employees or external entities. We guarantee a 99.9% non-stop functioning email service, monitoring, and support, as well as full cooperation and reporting in case of incidents or the need for changes. For more information and a personalized offer, please contact us.