Technical Support

Taking Care of Your Websites

Despite sharing a common platform, each WordPress website has a unique technical configuration. This is why there is no one-size-fits-all solution for maintenance. It requires a proactive approach to address the specific needs of each site, ensuring its security and efficiency.

Through a detailed technical analysis of each website, we provide personalized guidance, address specific challenges, and offer solutions that align with your goals and requirements.

Price: 50 BGN / month

Техническа поддръжка на wordpress уеб сайт

Because Anything Can Happen...

From both deliberate and unintentional mistakes in site administration to compatibility issues between plugins, extending to unexpected updates and external interventions, the range of potential challenges is extensive and varied.

Technical problems can be divided into two categories - critical and non-critical.

For non-critical issues, even if no immediate action is taken, users won't notice them until they become critical. However, such problems could affect your site's position in search engine results, for example.

In the case of critical issues, this immediately impacts not only search engines but also users, which for an online store could lead to missed sales, and for other types of sites, a loss of visitors.

Въпросителен знак

Prioritizing Comprehensive Maintenance is Recommended

Even if you have a perfectly developed website, problems could arise over time, and errors in the code could accumulate, especially after updating various software add-ons, as well as the WordPress platform itself. Your site might become a target for a hacking attack, or system limits and server resources might be exceeded, leading to a crash or loss of information. That's why it's good to have someone to rely on in such unpleasant situations.

Web Assistant Studio provides technical support for websites built on the WordPress platform. Our service ensures the perfect operation and performance of your site through monitoring, improvements, and prevention. In case of incidentally occurring problems, they are resolved promptly. Additionally, we regularly create backups of the sites we maintain, meaning you are fully protected against data loss.

Secure peace of mind by entrusting the technical support of your WordPress website to us.