Website Development

Beautiful design is just the beginning

As a web design studio, we place great emphasis on the appearance of our websites, ensuring they are modern and appealing. However, if a website is not well-programmed, it cannot reach its full potential

We not only consider web design but also the processes of web development and optimization, even before publishing. We enhance loading speed and security, and importantly, our websites are error-free in the program code and can be easily upgraded. In addition, we troubleshoot issues, handle website migrations, and provide technical support.

Респонсив дизайн

Choose the most suitable website for you

Business Card Website

Ideal for Startup Businesses

Price: 499 BGN

*Includes free hosting and technical support for the first year.

Бизнес уеб сайт

For small and medium-sized businesses

Price: 999 BGN

*Includes free hosting and technical support for the first 6 months.

Online Store

For small and medium-sized merchants

Price: 2499 BGN

Includes free hosting and technical support for the first 3 months

Custom Website

Suitable for everyone

Price: As per agreement

* Hosting is negotiated based on the project. Technical support is free for the first 3 months.

Are our prices high?

We believe we offer excellent prices. Many self-proclaimed experts in Bulgaria promise suspiciously low prices, meaning you'll get a site with poor features, if you get it at all.

The cheapest service we provide is the creation of a 'Business Card' website for only 499 BGN. It's a modest but powerful product designed to support newcomers in business. However, we're not a mediocre and cheap service provider. We are a web studio with rich experience and knowledge, offering a perfect balance between price and quality.

Our target audience is small and medium-sized businesses in Bulgaria looking for a modern, high-quality website without expecting millions of visitors per month.

We work with WordPress

WordPress is open-source software that powers more than a third of all websites worldwide. We specialize in developing, designing, securing, and maintaining websites using WordPress as a foundation. With our optimized workflow, we can create a modern and high-quality website for you in a short timeframe. We have experience in e-commerce with WooCommerce, as well as multilingual websites.

We chose this platform because it allows site owners to easily manage and modify content without requiring special technical knowledge. All our clients receive access and introductory training on how to use the WordPress site administration.

WordPress лого