Business Card Website

A Single-Page Solution

We'll create a small, affordable, yet stylish website containing all the essential information on a single page. No unnecessary add-ons-just the essentials to promote yourself and the services you offer.

Price: 499 BGN

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Everything You Need is Included

Behind the scenes, the Business Card website development package comes with free hosting for the first year and responsive design to ensure the site looks good on any device, providing a seamless user experience. The included free SSL certificate ensures security, and the professional email box linked to your domain adds a touch of trust for visitors.

Last but not least, technical support is entirely free for the first year.

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Enough to Get You Started

From engaging text and high-quality images to the option to add a short video, our 'Business Card' website will impress. The attractive contact form will encourage visitors to reach out, and the integration with Google Maps will guide them to your business location. The social media links we'll add will seamlessly connect everything.

The Business Card website is compact yet powerful, designed for those starting a new business, providing them with an online presence with minimal investment. It's the perfect start with room for upgrades. No hidden fees or conditions - this is what you truly get.

  • Domain purchase is not included in the price, as it can vary widely based on its attractiveness. We'll be happy to assist you in choosing a suitable domain name and help you register it.