Online Store

Sell with Ease on the Web

Whether you have a physical store or not, an online store is the preferred choice today, allowing people to buy goods and services from a distance, saving them time.

From ordering a pizza or a ride to showcasing an extensive array of appliances, gadgets, mobile devices, apparel, beauty products, and even automobiles – all of this becomes achievable through the development of a robust online platform for sales and delivery. This is a service we provide at an appealing cost.

Price: 2499 BGN

Компютър, таблет и телефон,
Компютър и телефон използвани за онлайн разплащане

Your Products - Our Showcase

Compile a list of your products, craft compelling descriptions, capture stunning visuals, and we'll present them in an impressive online showcase, allowing seamless ordering and purchasing.

The creation of your online store includes complimentary hosting and technical support for the initial 3 months. It encompasses an unlimited number of products, responsive design for optimal viewing on various devices, a free SSL certificate for enhanced security, and two professional email accounts at no extra cost.

We'll integrate a free module for online payments, facilitating credit and debit card transactions, along with features like courier delivery and inventory management.

Expand Your Reach Globally

The Online Store we develop for you has no restrictions on the quantity of products you can showcase and comprises essential pages such as:

  • Home

  • Catalog (Gallery)

  • Product Page

  • Shopping Cart

  • Checkout

  • Order Confirmation Page

  • Contact Us

  • About Us

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Privacy Policy Page

  • Cookies Usage Page

Feel free to enhance these pages with additional elements such as photos, videos, contact forms, banners, sliders, filters, and more. All our e-commerce solutions are optimized for swift content loading.

The Online Store grants you the flexibility to sell anytime, anywhere. Let's collaborate to bring your digital store to life!

  • Domain purchase is not included in the price, as it can vary widely based on its attractiveness. We'll be happy to assist you in choosing a suitable domain name and help you register it.
  • The products / services, their photos, descriptions, and prices are uploaded by you, and we will train you on how to do it.
  • The integration of one of the most widely used online payment systems is included, and integration with other platforms can be discussed separately.