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Cookie Policy

What are cookies

Cookies are small text files that websites store on your device when you visit them. They are used to store various information about you or technical information about the location and device from which you made the visit. When you load a website in your browser, it sends a cookie to that website, which stores it on your device and starts to accumulate information in it. Then, every time you open the same website, the browser sends the cookie back to the website, and thus the website recognizes that it is you and provides you with content based on the information accumulated.

Cookies contain different types of data depending on how they are set by the website that creates them.

Some cookies collect information about how you use a website, such as the pages you have visited or the links you have clicked. Others may store information about your interests so that the website can then show you advertisements that are tailored to those interests.

Cookies can also remember information about your current session on a website. This may include login or logout information so that you can log in automatically instead of entering your credentials each time. Cookies are also responsible for preserving the state of your shopping cart in an online store, for example. They also store the preferences you have set for a particular website, such as display language, font size,

It is important to note that cookies themselves, as files, are safe and cannot execute malicious code.

The cookies that our site uses collect the following information:

- data entered in the contact forms published on the site, so that it can be reused during a future visit

- data about website visits for statistical purposes

- data about activity when visiting the site for security reasons

Setting and Managing Cookies

Due to technical limitations, disabling cookies will impact the functionality of essential features on this website. In other words, disabling cookies will hinder your ability to fully utilize this site. We recommend leaving all cookies enabled.

Disabling Cookies

Nevertheless, it is possible to disable cookies by adjusting the settings of your web browser. Please note that disabling cookies may affect the functionality of not only this website but also many other websites you visit.

For further information or assistance on this topic, please contact us.