SEO Optimization

Mastering the Art of Being at the Top

Most statistics indicate that over 90% of users utilize search engines to find information, services, and websites. Google stands out as the primary search engine, attracting the largest user base.

Having a website and publishing it on the Internet is fantastic, but what's the use if no one visits it?

The Solution: SEO Optimization, or in other words – Search Engine Optimization.

Price: customized to your needs

SEO Optimization

Alone in the Digital Jungle

Imagine you've opened a restaurant in a vast and cosmopolitan city. It matches or even exceeds the appearance and quality of other restaurants in the city, yet while they have queues of customers, no one enters yours.

Why is that?

Think of the search engine as a culinary critic strolling through the city, categorizing the best restaurants to recommend to hungry consumers. However, the critic doesn't visit every restaurant, only selected ones.

How does the search engine decide which restaurants to visit and which to bypass?

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Basic SEO Optimization

We've mentioned that your restaurant has a fantastic appearance (web design), but it lacks key settings, making it inhospitable to search engines. Basic SEO optimization ensures these settings are in place, ensuring the 'culinary critic' reserves a table at your restaurant.

It's akin to selecting the most delicious dishes (keyword selection), arranging them beautifully and clearly in the menu (meta tag optimization), and adding attractive descriptions to the dishes (proper site structure). This guarantees that when the search engine visits your restaurant, it can navigate the menu and then recommend it to your customers.

Make Your Site Visible

Without basic SEO optimization, your website is like one of the many sunflowers in the field.

To capture people's attention, your site needs to appear at least in the top 10 search results.

Basic SEO optimization lays the groundwork, ensuring the search engine is aware of your site's existence and displays it in search results.

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In the Spotlight

Continual optimization is crucial to not only reach the top 10 but also secure a place in the top 3 search results and maintain that position for an extended period.

Close to 60% of all clicks come from these three leading positions, making your website the preferred choice. This is where comprehensive SEO optimization comes into play.

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Basic or Comprehensive SEO Optimization?

Basic SEO optimization is a relatively cost-effective and practical solution. It provides visibility, making your website accessible to search engines and users, laying the foundation for future enhancements, including the potential appearance of your site in the top 10 search results (though not guaranteed).

In contrast, comprehensive SEO aims for a top 3 position, offering regular reports and statistics. However, it is a costly service and a time-consuming process.

Specialized comprehensive SEO services from marketing agencies, including link building, creating specialized content, continuous monitoring, keyword and competition analysis, come with high monthly expenses. This makes basic SEO optimization the preferred option for most clients.

As our web development studio primarily focuses on website development, we currently offer only basic SEO optimization.